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NTL Broadband (Freedom)

ntl Broadband Internet is the UK’s number one Broadband Internet ISP, providing great value communication services to UK customers. They have recently introduced a non cable broadband service (through your normal phone line) and have bundled it together with some fantastic telephone deals.

To make things easier we've detailed below a summary of the NTL broadband packages available. We've included all the relevent information relating to each package and also included a few other details we think you'd like to know.

Breaking News : NTL have just introduced the best value 1MB (20 times faster broadband) package on the market. Lightening fast broadband for just £9.99 per month! (NTL line required)

Click here for more information and to check NTL Broadband availability

All NTL broadband packages include the following (for all online applications):

ntl broadband

Packages available  
•£9.99/ month
for a 1MB connection (20x faster) 3GB usage/month

•£24.99/ month
for 2MB broadband (40x faster) 1GB usage/day

•£37.99/ month
for 3MB broadband (60x faster) 1GB usage/day
Free Modem?   • Yes (save £75)
Free Connection?   • Yes (save £80)
Free Email Addresses?   • Yes (15)
Free Webspace?   • Yes (55mb)
Contract Period   • Yes (12 months)
Other NTL Facts   • NTL now offers broadband access via your normal phone line. This allows big savings on UK and International phone calls

• NTL has just over 1 millions customers in the UK

• NTL won the Best Dial up ISP, Best Unmetered ISP and Best Broadband ISP in 2003 from the Internet Service Providers Association

• NTL offers the cheapest 'high speed' broadband/telephone packages in the UK

By our calcluations this give you a saving of about £220.00 (including the 3 month discounts).

Click here for more information and to check NTL Broadband availability

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