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Orange Broadband (the new name for Wanadoo Broadband)

To make things easier we've detailed below a summary of the Wanadoo/Orange broadband packages. We've included all the relevent information relating to each package and also included a few other details we think you'd like to know.

Breaking News - Wanadoo/Orange have just increased the speed of their broadband service to up to 8MB (160x faster) at no extra cost. They are also giving free wireless broadband (what is wireless?) and free evening and weekend calls on their top two packages. This is a fantastic package and well worth seriously considering.

Click here for more information and to check Wanadoo/Orange Broadband availability

All Wanadoo broadband packages include the following (for all online applications):

Wanadoo broadband

Packages available   £14.99/month up to 2Mb broadband (40x faster) 2GB/month limit

£19.99/month up to 8Mb broadband (160x faster) unlimited
Free Modem?   • Yes (save £50)
Free Connection?   • Yes (save £30)
Free Email Addresses?   • Free Orange Webmail - access your emails anywhere, built in spam & virus protection
Free Webspace?   • No
Other Extras  
Broadband Starter
up to 2Meg speed
2GB usage allowance
try it for 30 days, if it's not for you get your money back
free USB modem
simple set-up

Broadband Max
fast, up to 8Meg speed
free Livebox wireless modem
calls to national and international landlines at any time included
wireless connection to connect up to six computers
unlimited monthly downloads (fair use policy applies)
Contract Period   • Yes
Other Orange Facts   • Orange has over 2.6 million customers in the UK and 9 million across Europe (more than any other broadband provider)

• Orange also won the Best Unmetered ISP in 2003 from the Internet Service Providers Association

• Orange's Broadband service uses the latest L2TP technology which makes their service one of the most reliable available

By our calcluations this give you a saving of about £189.99.

Click here for more information and to check Wanadoo/ Orange Broadband availability

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